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A blend of design, purpose, experience, authenticity and circularity.

The most authentic and circular furniture makers

We are a circular design company with a geo-located international manufacturing ecosystem. We create furniture and products  that transform entire communities through innovation, sustainability and social impact. Hecho is an emerging circular production ecosystem that changes the way furniture is designed and build, regenerating entire communities whilst creating one of a kind products.

Hecho currently operates with a production ecosystem of more that 60 artisans in 12 production units in Central America and 4 international factories with more than 500 collaborators. Our ecosystem is integrated with partnerships with certified agroforestry operators with access to more than 10,000 hectares of sustainable and certified wood plantations, agroforestry systems from cacao and coffee and river reclaimed wood from northern Nicaragua.


We believe that circular product development will transform entire communities in the world. Our products are bounded to time, life and authenticity, designed to create the social and environmental movement we stand for.


Our Ecosystem is vertically integrated from the raw materials, to indigenous communities, artisans, designers, industrial factories, sustainable supply chains, community development and transformation efforts.


Our circular strategies, initiatives, capacities and logistics are global. We design and manufacture in multiple regions, adding value to entire communities through our circular and geo-located global production network.


Our Initiatives depend on the materials, and range from river reclaimed woods, certified wood plantations, recycled metal and glass, pineapple, cactus, orange fibers, abaca, tagua, jade, coffee wood, and many more.

Our Story

Collective Knowledge

Our journey started more than 20 years ago as a band of passionate entrepreneurs, designers and furniture makers before Hecho Design as was founded, as members of a team where we experienced every single step of the process, from planting trees and recovering deforested land, to empowering entire communities whilst working hand by hand with many entrepreneurs and visionaries from world renowned projects, design firms and brands in more than 30 countries.


From a single custom chair to complete hospitality interiors

We consider ourselves story makers, creating transformation stories with every single one of our products. Designing with passion, culture, history, and authenticity, working hand by hand with our clients to create their visions for each project.

Our products are the result of the design skills, and experience of our team of designers, artisans and engineers, who are always coming up with new materials and ideas to connect the designs with the planet, and connecting the lives we love to live, with the change we love to see in the world. Designing with an authentic language that awakens curiosity and creates a better present to which we can all relate.

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If you made it this far, it means you are also connected to the journey of transforming the world through circular design. Let your imagination go free, and join our circular design journey. Our team will be delighted to answer any questions you may have and start the design process for your next project.


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